LVA GRL Wants You To Embrace The Pain That Comes With Healing

The bass and drum kick into crescendo as the crowd excitedly screams for LVA GRL (pronounced “lava girl”), their voices steadily rising over the reverb, resounding through the main stage at New York City’s Bowery Electric on a calm and chilly February night. The genderfluid and queer musician is playing their first show of 2022 with a set list composed of old songs and new tracks off their new EP, Sad Boy Szn, out today.

How Selena Gomez And Julia Michaels Captured My Mental-Health Struggle In A Song

Mental health bops, especially those by women, have become easier to find and groove to in the last year and a half. Take Ariana Grande’s Billboard hit “Breathin’” off her album Sweetener, which chronicles her struggle with the side effects of PTSD; Olivia O’Brien’s “Empty”, which navigates depression and self-medication; and Florence and the Machine’s “Hunger”, which originated as a poem about Welch’s experience with an eating disorder at age 17.

Lovin' My Own Self

“Ten New Friends” is the seventh track on singer, songwriter, and dancer Victoria Monet’s first album, Life After Love: Part 1, which released on February 23rd of this year. The album chronicles Monet’s previous relationship, starting from the beginning, where she explains that the love between she and her former lover felt “like birth,” before then taking the listener through all the post-break-up emotions: anger, sadness, regret, and self-reflection and realization. But perhaps the most unique and liberating part of Monet’s post-break-up journey is the discovery of self-pleasure and the agency that comes with it.

One (Small) Gay, Happy Family: How I Stopped Living in Shame and Learned to Live in Celebration

On August 5th, 2017, Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins aired an episode titled “The Emergency Plan,” which featured an interracial, lesbian couple. The couple were voiced by actresses Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi, who identify as lesbians. Though the premise of the episode was about emergency safety, such as teaching kids how to take precaution from a hurricane, what was more was the visibility and the portraying of LGBTQ+ identifying parents as normal, not “other.”